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This is a way overdue #20factsaboutme post (I had to check other people’s post to confirm the hashtag). I’m so boring anyway and because I really don’t want to do it. But,

1) I’m doing this to give face to my pretty girlfriends who tagged me.
2) I don’t know my vital stats (for real, and I’m too lazy to care).
3) I think I’m tall enough, not overweight, not underweight - so I’m healthy - and I think I’m pretty enough. (:
4) I have a boyfriend, @bengkiong, of almost three years and I think I will never ever get sick of him. 😻
5) I love Haruki Murakami’s works.
6) I really like Japan and the culture - you could call me an otaku but I assure you, real otakus will scoff and say that is an insult.
7) I’m a dog-person, bitch.
8) I like the number, 21, and I have a tattoo that says, “XXI” and not “XXL”. (Because I take it as an insult when people think it’s funny to misread it.)
9) At this point, I really don’t know what else to say. Uh… I grew up listening to Green Day, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Westlife, some Janet Jackson… some techno… and JJ Lin.
10) I’m out of ideas here. I play DOTA, does anyone care?

Okay, sorry, 10 facts is all about I can muster because I have a lot of things that I can say about me but it’s going to bore y’all. Peace out. ✌️(Not tagging anyone because I have no friends.) (Hahahaha kidding because this is wasting so much time please go out and play.)
This fireman only makes everything hotter for me. 😍
Huge ass ulcer at the back of my inner right cheek, between the joints of my jaws. The most massive ulcer I ever had and it’s been like this since last week. Lucky you I can’t bite, so this is all I can muster: a shitty, blurry, duck-faced, act cute, shameless selfie. (: (<——- Did that smiley face annoy you?)
A mellow sunset peeking out from behind our skyline, sunshine shying away to give way to a blanket of electronic stars in the dark.
Caught today’s last lights with @melissaanneho because I won’t be able to do that with her in Singapore after Friday.
The beautiful seven a.m-ish. Can’t wait for my hair to grow.
Lupi quoad amorem. A good Monday night to start this week. ❤️

Howling In Snow - by: Tim Fitzharris


Howling In Snow - by: Tim Fitzharris

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