red. run. summer. sun. skate. beach, peace. what is beautiful is defined by the strength of your beliefs and conviction. ▲

*cracks knuckles* Let us be doing this – with a packet of Ribena. I will see social media (and the light of day next week). Goodbye, my friends (who actually meet me).

To my classmates, good luck, see y’all at the examination room this Saturday.

This morning my cousin and cousin-in-law(?) paying their respects to my parents, who are now their aunt and uncle, in a ceremonial toast of tea. Congratulations! (Start getting busy soon, y’all! I think I’m ready to be an aunt. Hehehe!)
My pretty cousin and handsome cousin. Both adjectives can be used on anyone of them (us). #weddingselfie (wedfie? whutttt, okay nope.)
Wedding #ootd sia.
Luncheon meat munchin’.

朝の街 by jun-ta on Flickr.

evening James River sky