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I love these Discus fish. So pretty.
A short daytrip to our neighbour’s place with my girlfriend and my boyfriend! 幸福死了我!I am blessed to death. #100happydays #whatmademehappytoday #DayXCV
I am so very proud of you. #100happydays #whatmademehappytoday #DayXCIV
Today’s a good day to be a full-fledged officer. Congratulations, boys!
Last night, I’m glad I could be of help. (: @bengkiong
Wuddup, dawg.
Always so great to see my two pretty girls! <3 Always make my day. #100happydays #whatmademehappytoday #DayXCIII
This little cutieeeeeeeee. <; He made my face look small by taking up half the screen. I din’t mind because half is cuteness, and the other half is $WAG. LOL OKBYE.
Glad I went to the forum. It was really nice to see my former lecturers and Major Bob (who is now promoted to LTC Bob) who took really good care of us on our overseas mission back in 2011. Thank you for inviting us back. Also, it was ever so lovely to meet a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time and catch up! (:
Know what I really hope for? That I will actually get to do something for those in need in future and experience something not many people willl experience. (Go SPCD Lionhearters!(??))
Oh, baby girl. You’re such a deer. I love you. #100happydays #whatmademehappytoday #DayXCII